Prenatal Classes ($)

For more than 60 years Mothercraft Ottawa’s Prenatal classes have helped parents gain confidence as they approach the birth of their child. Our Prenatal classes offer a comprehensive overview of the prenatal, birth and postpartum stages.

FEE: $130


Genevieve Chabot:  613-728-1839 ext.289

Please note that this class is meant to be taken while in your 3rd trimester.

Class Outline

Labour and Delivery

  • Basic physiology and anatomy of birth
  • Signs, symptoms and coping strategies for each stage and phase of labour
  • Comfort measures and medical pain relief options
  • Hands on practice for moms and partners
  • Induction/Augmentation
  • Assisted deliveries

Post Birth Adjustments

  • Mom and baby post birth
  • Postpartum Mood Disorders
  • Breastfeeding basics
  • Baby at home-care and safety basics
  • Family adjustments
  • Community resources