Supply Teachers

Mothercraft Ottawa operates a non-profit day care with eight child care programs at three different sites.
At 475 Evered Avenue, our beautiful building has lots of space and twenty creative, dynamic educators who work with 108 children between the ages of three months to five years.

Our Kindergarten/School Age Program at Elmdale Public School on Iona Street has many fantastic educators working with our extended day program. This program has a wonderful relationship with the staff in the school.

The Waterbridge Kindergarten/School Age Program is housed in Farley Mowat Public School. Our educators enjoy the excitement of working with children between the ages of four and twelve.

With over 30 child care educators needing to be replaced whenever they are away from the program and with so many different program styles, there are many opportunities available for supply teachers!

We offer: $17.36 (includes pay equity and 4% vacation) per hour.

If you are interested in joining our team on a casual basis, please contact us by email:

Janet Libbey: (Evered); OR
Jennifer Ross: (Waterbridge); OR
Susie Munro: (Elmdale).

*please note, we do not recruit supply teachers during our very busy July and August months. 

We look forward to hearing from you in September!